Reason kicked dropped due to slot reservation

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> Kicked :"Dropped due to slot reservation" Причина: Сейчас на сервере нет свободных игровых слотов, играет максимально возможное количество игроков.

Viewing file: reservedslots.phrases.txt "Slot reserved" English: Dropped due to slot reservation Translation(s): Dropped due to slot reservation Bad Admins | Team Fortress 2 Forum Threads Bad Admins A Forum Thread for Team Fortress 2. ... [SM] ADMIN: Kicked Lafein (Reason: "Dropped due to slot reservation") Dean-o : now 3 spies and 3 snipers RedPeepin killed Suicidal Waffle Iron with club. ... it's easy to tell who kicked you the first time. And you still got it wrong, fail. Not to mention the person who kicked you repeatedly ... Reliable channel overflowed | Counter-Strike 1.6 Forum Threads

My Hlsw says there are 2 slots reserved out of 20, so theoretically I should be able to connect when there are less than 18 people in the server. For some reason though, i can't, if there are 16 people in, I get "dropped due to slot reservation", are there more reserved slots than HLSW is showing me?

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Sall ce care joaca CS 1.6 imi ziceti si mie de ce cand intru intr-un server imi da kick si scrie dropped due to slot reservation plsss

In response to the question from Slot Machine Freak, regarding lost slot payout tickets being traced, or payment stopped, the answer should have been FORGET IT. Each ticket, along with the information about date/time/machine number/amount will also have on it, although in small print, the phrase that this is a bearer instrument. PRESENTED BY - NMDPS Law Enforcement Academy Since each reservation is located within one of New Mexico’s thirty three counties, it will be heard in the county where the offense occurred. • It may go to federal court, however, if a federal law has been violated. ON- RESERVATION: MISDEMEANOR CRIMES • The most interesting development here is a court found only on the reservation –

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"Dropped Due to Slot Reservation" Yardım pls! -